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Makara and the Dwarves

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While it would seem that most of the foreign relations of Makara revolves around the Wood Elves, Hobgoblin Empire, and the Humans and other ilk of the Settled Lands. The relationship between the Principality of the Dwarves beneath their very feet is very important to the defense of the small nation.

The few outposts of the distant Dwarven Homelands that dot the subterranean corridors of Makara represent the end of the influence of the short-statured, underground dwelling folk. The "Great Highway" for which the Dwarves are famed does not even reach the borders of the Principality. Instead, the only Dwarven settlements here are distant military posts, here to guard against an incursion by the vast Kobolds, Troglodytes, and Lizardmen who dwell in the caves and underground of the Southern Reaches.

It wasn't until years after the founding of Makara that these scant few Dwarven Soldiers made themselves known to the City. The Dwarves enjoyed the passive relations with the Makarans, and even the small amount of trade which took place between the two peoples. But it was quickly apparent that the Dwarves had little of value to trade, having brought very few of their miners with them to these faraway lands, they had very little by way of wealth and so made a new agreement with the City-state.

In return for food, money, trinkets, and entertainment. The Dwarven Veterans would establish a new outpost directly beneath Makara where they would build a forge to craft equipment from the Soldiers and Sailors above, as well, they would assist in training Makaran Soldiers in the ways of Dwarven warfare.

This agreement served to strengthen the Makaran Army at a crucial point in time, leading the quick conquests of the surrounding territories which make up the Principality today. And it has only brought the Dwarves and Makarans closer together. They both enjoy very close relations and have agreed to assist each other in their times of need.

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