Friday, August 3, 2018

The Vampire's Tomb - A Simple Dungeon Module

The Vampire's Tomb - A Simple Dungeon Module

Welcome to the fourth installment of the "Simple Dungeon Module" series! As with the other two entries, this small encounter is made to be placed in any world made for adventuring and roleplaying! No specific rule system is expected to be used with this module, and you should feel free to manipulate the encounter any way you can imagine to make it more fun for you and your players.

As always, please feel free to comment and let me know what you think of the module!

This ancient tomb is inhabited by a long-dead Vampire Lord, recently awoken from his slumber.

Area 1: This entryway feels decrepit, moss is growing on the walls and the stonework is patchy. There are emblems embedded in the doors which your players likely cannot recognize considering it's the Noble heraldry of the House Darocar, to whom this Vampire Lord belonged in life.

There is a 25% chance that this room will be occupied by two passing bandits, thralls of the Lord of this tomb.

Area 2: This room acts as a bivouac area for the bandits turned thralls that the Vampire Lord is using as his personal slave army. They act as guards and go on raids to gain new victims and new treasures for the Vampire.

This room is occupied by two sleeping thralls.

Area 3: This room houses the sarcophagi of the Vampire's family. His brother, cousin, and two sons are housed in this room. The Vampire has not yet awoken these fellow Vampires for fear they will attempt to wrest control of his band of thralls from him. The Vampire Lord will wait until he has a larger following to begin his conquests and raise these younger Vampires as his Lieutenants.

The chest in this room is hidden from sight behind a sarcophagus and obscured by some rubble, dulling its metallic luster. It is hard to discover this chest. The lock is broken by the rubble, and the chest will open easily. Contained within the chest is a solid gold ring with a diamond in the center worth 100 gold pieces and 200 loose gold pieces.

Area 4: This area houses a dining room utilized by the Vampire Lord's thralls. The tables are filled with fresh food and show a lot of use from the inhabitants. The chest in the corner of this room is easily spotted and not locked. It contains 35 gold pieces, 50 silver pieces, 107 copper pieces, a handaxe, two daggers, and an old iron helmet.

This room is occupied by two thralls, one enjoying a full meal and the other standing guard at the hallway to area 5.

Area 5: This pressure plate activated spike trap is hard to detect, but once spotted can be easily avoided. If activated, this trap sends long spears from the walls on either side of the hallway into the square where the plate is located, dealing a moderate amount of damage(a combination of dice that can deal up to 3/4s of the player's health, is recommended.)

Area 6: This small antechamber contains the corpses of the Vampire Lord's victims. Three dead bodies with two small holes protruding from their necks, with blood dribbling out.

Area 7:  This area contains the sarcophagus and throne of the Vampire Lord. He spends his time brooding, planning, and feasting on his victims. His sarcophagus is covered with jewels and treasures his enthralled bandits have found for him. These treasures total up to a value of 500 gold pieces.

This Vampire is not a threat to be taken lightly. It is likely that this tomb has otherwise not presented much of a challenge to the party, this room is supposed to fix that. However you design this vampire, keep in mind that he is a major opponent and possesses potent magical powers. This monster carries an enchanted Rapier befitted his noble status.

Thanks for reading and happy adventuring!