Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Red Ink Adventures hacked and slashed

Recently on Reddit, Dreaming Dragonslayer posted his own creation called Red Ink Adventures, based on Into the Odd and Maze Rats where you play as a bunch of deeply indebted adventurers looking to pay off their debts.

Inspired by this hack, I made my own! And everyone's favorite sleepy wyrm-killer made a post about it! Feel free to check it all out! Make your own hacks! (P.S. I hear he wants people to make more creditors!)

Here's a changelog, to see what's new.

  1. Flexible target numbers: For when GMs want to adjust the difficulty of their game on the fly.
  2. Side v. Side initiative. To speed the game up, both sides roll and go in turn.
  3. Combat has had a few changes: First, Attack rolls are treated as opposed rolls. Second, Armor is treated as a second health bar that must be depleted before health is damaged, it "refills" after combat is finished. Finally, damage dealt is reduced to a simple 1, and 2 if you roll double the enemy's defensive roll.
  4. Death is more likely now. And scars are a negative modifier, rather than positive.(Originally, I was going to have scars deal damage to an ability modifier until healed. Felt a bit too mean.
  5. The last change is that you can roll twice for modifiers. Originally my concept was to have them both be added up to make a more powerful character, but that's a bit much. Instead, now, you roll twice and take the preferred set.