Thursday, February 28, 2019

Makara Gazetteer

City on the border. Home to adventurers, traders, and lawyers. Birthplace of the World's first Adventurer's Union and home to the Makaran Academy,  the premier law school for hundreds of miles.

This young cosmopolitan metropolis was founded only 80 years ago, when Raket Algot, the leader of the wealthy and influential "First League Exploration and Investigation Society" decided to cash out his fortune and invest everything he had in founding a port on the site where Makara now stands.

The city's early years were not easy, and it was only the massive fortune of Algot that kept the city afloat until the nearby reclusive Wood Elves made themselves known to the townsfolk, agreeing to trade their wares with the young city so long as it agreed to not deforest it's southern reaches. Algot readily agreed, demarking the border with a thick, low stone wall that can still be easily seen today.

With the valuable monopoly on Wood Elven trade goods, Makara rapidly expanded. Bringing in massive piles of wealth, and many a ne'er do well along with it. During those early years, it was said that every gold coin in Makara was likely to be stolen a dozen times before it left the harbor. The need for law and order was great, and the good denizens looked to Algot, the now old and wise man who had brought them the wealth they now had. Although the city was founded as a democracy where all citizens of consequence had a vote in the affairs of city life, they instead elected to appoint Algot as the first Prince of Makara.

Algot ruled well and, using the influence that wealth had brought them, was able to expand their borders and entice many young adventurers to come and seek their fortune in the many unexplored cairns and crypts that dotted the land.

Points of Interest
The Makara harbor is easily the largest of the borderlands, and the largest for hundreds of miles in any direction. It can accommodate over two hundred ships at a time, and often does. Built shortly after the rise in trade power following the Elven Accords, it is still regularly maintained by the city's government and also is used by the large Makaran Navy, the pride of their military organization.

The Makaran Academy is also a source for great pride for the city's people. With the rise of Makara as a powerhouse in trade, the need for individuals with an understanding of both Law and Economics became so great that the Academy was founded, offering a robust education in both subjects. As a result, Makara is sometimes known as the "City of Lawyers"

Guilds are a main staple of Makaran society, with any self respecting person belonging to a guild in order to ensure that they're treated fairly and always receive a decent wage. The largest guilds in the city are "Makaran Ventures", an adventurer's guild, and the "Scribes Guild".

Makaran Ventures is a very influential and wealthy organization. It is, in some way, involved in every dungeon delved or ruin explored. Either by directly paying, or at least subsidizing, any adventuring party looking to go exploring. Every time a haul is brought back it must be divvied up by an appropriate guild representative and then given out fairly to everyone who invested in the completion of the dungeon.

The Scribes Guild is much more popular in Makara than it is in most other cities where scribes usually only find work in city halls and Lords' Castles. Every trade deal, government agreement, and adventuring agreement must be signed in the presence of a Scribe and then at least 4 copies must be made, one of each party involved, one for the appropriate guild, and one for the city government.

Makara is also home to the world's first Adventurer's Union. With the rise and influence of the Adventurer's Guild, the average adventurer more and more often found themselves being the underrepresented party in every agreement. The AU ensures that Adventurers are always paid a fair wage and receive a reasonable cut of the profits from any delve.

Makara has since expanded beyond being a tiny border town and is now a sizable country in it's own right. The Principality of Makara is ruled by the charismatic Prince Markos Algot who is advised by the Dual Chambers of Government. The Chamber of the Commons, which is occupied by elected officials from all across Makara. And the chamber of Lords, which is occupied by the hereditary nobles who rule many parts of the country. The Prince walks a fine line in keeping both sides appeased.

Makara is a cosmopolitan country, where all peoples can find a home, even "uncivilized" races such as Orcs and Goblins can find work and decent treatment, assuming they have all the right papers required by the government.

As far as populations go, the city itself represents about eleven thousand people. Almost a tenth of the total population of the nation lives within the borders of the city itself, and there are only a few other towns of reasonable size, most being on the caravan trails that allows Makarans to sell their goods to inland kingdoms as well coastal territories.