Friday, January 4, 2019

1d20 Ruler events chart

Welcome, this post is part rambling and part random tables. I hope you can gain something good from this out of this. If you have comments, questions, or criticisms, please leave a comment below.

Now, some explanation. I've been running Scarlet Heroes, which I highly recommend playing, a lot recently as it only requires me to wrangle one player into sitting down for a session, which can still be quite a challenge. In the meantime of these sessions, I've been playing solo sessions as Vaelgar, the 3rd level Fighter and lord of the Western Marches.

While the rulebook comes with mechanics for solo play and even recommends looking to the Mythic Game Master Emulator for more detailed rules there is an issue, I don't like them. Reading these rules and even trying to play with them hasn't worked for me. I've yet to find a system for solo playing RPGs that I've liked yet. So as a standby I've been playing through simple dungeons that I've written, treating everything with a simple, self-assigned, check to see what happens.

But that's not the reason you came here, let me get to the point. After his second adventure Vaelgar conquered a fortress and became a Lord in an untamed land. In order to play this out, I created a random table for what would happen in the new barony every month. Hopefully you can get a use out of it, so here you go, let me know if it proves useful to you.

Art by David Lewis Johnson

Troubled lordship:
1-2: Necromancer/Vampire
3-8: Hostile Foreigners
9-17: Bandits/Monsters
18-19: Peaceful: 3d6x50gp in taxes/1xp
20: Double taxes/Retainer/2xp

A troubled lordship can represent a land beset by civil war, political infighting, natural disaster, or simply a lordship carved out of the untamed wilderness.

Ordered lordship:
1: Necromancer/Vampire
2-6: Hostile Foreigners
6-12: Bandits/monsters
13-18: Peaceful: 3d6x50gp in taxes/1xp
19-20: Double taxes/Retainer/2xp

An Ordered Lordship represents a territory that is stable, lives peacefully and without too much fear of invasion or civil war.

Well controlled lordship:
1: Necromancer/Vampire
2-3: Hostile Foreigners
4-6: Bandits/monsters
7-18: Peaceful: 3d6x50gp in taxes/1xp
19-20: Double taxes/Retainer/2xp

A Well Controlled Lordship represents a region that lives without fear of terrible things happening to them on a daily basis. 

Explaining the tables:
When you roll lands on a negative event with slashes, the game master should then flip a coin to see what happens, whether it's bandits or monsters, or a Necromancer or Vampire.
When your roll lands on a positive event with slashes, it is the player's choice as to what they receive.
If a player chooses to receive xp, give them xp equal to half of the experience required to move from level 1 to level 2. Double that amount for the xp on a 20.
If a player chooses to receive double taxes, simply roll 3d6x50 and multiply that number by two.
If a player chooses to receive a retainer, then the GM should roll up a new character one level below the level of the player.

Art byJoyce Maureira

As previously stated, let me know your thoughts on these tables!

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