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The Kobold Caverns - A Simple Dungeon Module

Welcome to the inaugural module from Stronghold Press Games!

In this first post, you will discover the Kobold Caverns. A large cave network dug out by a tribe of gritty Kobolds. This is a simple dungeon module for the Fifth Edition of Dungeons and Dragons that is made to be dropped anywhere into your own world and used however you see fit. There is no full adventure that comes along with this map that would lead the heroes through a town, to hearing pleas from the locals begging for help, to discovering the cave and clearing it out to the praises of the village. How players come across this dungeon and what effect their actions within have on the world is entirely up to the Dungeon Master's choice.

I hope you enjoy what you find within this cavern and find a good use for it. If you have any questions or comments about what is held within this dungeon, please feel free to leave your comments on this post, I will be happy to answer them.

William Cord,
Lord of The Stronghold.

This dark and dingy cave gives off the unpleasant aroma that only a full tribe of unclean creatures can. You can smell this place from a hundred feet off.

Foreward: All Kobolds in this Dungeons are carrying 1d6-1(2) sp on them unless otherwise stated.

Room 1: This entry room contains a stairwell leading 10 feet down to a doorway guarded by 2 Kobolds standing guard on either side.

Room 2: This large antechamber contains 5 Kobolds taking a load off and drinking swill from the large cask at the center of the room. 1 of these Kobolds is too drunk to stand and will remain seated against the cask for the duration of the fight. If adventurers attempt to interrogate this Kobold he will begin shrieking to warn the rest of the cavern once he realizes what has happened.

Room 3: This small room contains a well armored Kobold(+1 AC), who wears a stolen holy amulet on his neck worth 25 gp. This room also contains 3 hidden doors leading to rooms 4, 5, and 6. These hidden doors are all a DC 12 investigation check to discover.

Room 4: Within this room is only a trapped chest requiring a DC 11 Investigation check to discover and a DC 13 Sleight of hand check to disarm, it is otherwise bare. If the adventurer fails to disarm this trap it will spray acid dealing 1d4+1 damage on the individual attempting to open the chest. It is a DC 15 Dexterity Saving Throw to dodge the acid. Within the chest is contained 1d10+5(11) gp and a small silver ring worth 15 gp.

Room 5: This room contains one malnourished and disarmed Kobold. If the adventurers discover him he will whimper and cower, begging for kindness from the heroes. If engaged in combat, he will attempt to flee, refusing to fight. If the adventurers calm this Kobold and speak to him he will inform them that he was forced into this makeshift cell because he disagreed with the chief and attempted to leave the caverns. He disagrees with the Kobold Chief because of his alliances with Goblins and Hobgoblins and his plans to begin raiding settlements nearby.

Room 6: This room acts as a secure vault for the Kobolds of this cavern. Within is a Gnome who works for the Kobolds, he will lie to the adventurers and say that he was forced into service here in the caverns and has not been able to escape. He will offer the adventurers access to the Kobolds stash of coins and inform them of where the chief hoards his wealth(room 9) if they can guide him out of this cavern.

Room 7: This pressure plate trap unleashes a scythe 5 feet above the ground when activated. It requires a DC 12 Investigation check to discover and a DC 14 Sleight of hand check to disarm. Kobolds, Halflings, Goblins, and other small creatures do not set off this trap.

Room 8: This room contains 4 beds possessed by 4 sleeping Kobolds. If the drunk Kobold in room 2 was not stopped from shrieking, these Kobolds will be awake. Beyond the beds there is a DC 15 secret door to room 9, the chief's treasure hoard. If the Gnome in room 6 told the adventurers the location of this secret room they need not roll investigation.

Room 9: The Kobold Chief's treasure hoard contains 93 gold pieces, 277 silver pieces, and 1,243 copper pieces as well as 1 Everburning Torch and 3 potions of healing.

Room 10: This is the Kobold Chief's small throne room. Within is Gruld, Chief of the Kobolds accompanied by 2 Kobold guards, as well as a Goblin and a Hobgoblin. The two Kobolds are waiting in the top of this room, drinking and sorting the chests and barrels in the small alcove. Gruld, the Hobgoblin, and the Goblin are seated around the table discussing matters of war and diplomacy over a map of the local region. If the adventurers enter this room without initiating combat, Gruld will speak to them in broken common, telling them that they need not die in these caverns. They may take what they've found and leave and they will be allowed to live.

If the Kobolds in room 8 are not dead, they attack the adventurers from behind after 1d4+1(3) rounds.

Gruld has many of the standard abilities of a standard Kobold. He stands over a foot taller than the average Kobold and is equipped with chain mail(bringing his AC to 15) and a longsword +1. The Goblin and Hobgoblin use their regular statblocks from the Monster Manual. 

After these monsters are defeated, Gruld will carry a sack containing 5d6+6(21) gp. The Goblin and Hobgoblin each carry 1d6+1(4) sp.

Room 11: This room acts as an arena for the Kobolds. There are 6 Kobolds in this room focused on the combat between 2 Kobolds in the arena. These Kobolds will not notice the adventurers unless they make a loud noise after entering the room. The Kobolds fighting in the arena will require 1d4+1(3) rounds to get their armor on and their weapons ready before they enter the combat.

Room 12: This room acts as a barracks to the tribe, it contains 2d4+2(6) Kobolds, half of whom are sleeping. There are weapons on racks to the left of the door. If thoroughly searched, this room will yield 32 gp, 51 sp, and 96 cp as well as 2 small gold rings worth 25 gp.

That's the dungeon, I hope you enjoyed it! If you're unsure of anything or have any comments please do ask, I will be glad to hear them.

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