Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Wizard's Tower - A Simple Dungeon Module

Having received positive feedback and helpful advice from friends and readers of my last article, The Kobold Caverns, I was inspired to draw and post my second module, The Wizard's Tower!

As with The Kobold Caverns, this simple dungeon is a self-contained experience. There is no full adventure, no plot hooks, and no special interactions with the world at large. The purpose of this Wizard's Tower, its effects on the world, and how players may come across or be lead here is entirely up to the Dungeon Master's choice.

And of course, please feel free to comment and ask questions about this module. I'm always happy to answer your questions!

Disclaimer: None of the inhabitants of this tower will attack without provocation.

Room 1: The first floor of the Tower. This area is inhabited by 1 Dwarf Forgemaster and his 3 Apprentices. The Forgemaster works hard bringing to life whatever new idea the Wizard upstairs has come up with. If killed, the Forgemaster will have a pouch containing 37 gp, 51 sp, and 66 cp. His assistants will all have 3d6+3 sp on them. Once thoroughly searched, this room will be shown to contain a 1 pound bar of Platinum. 3 1lb bars of Gold. 5 1lb bars of Silver. And 5 1lb bars of Copper. In addition, there is a small pouch hidden in one of the apprentices' beds containing 2d6 gp and a small diamond worth 25 gp.

Room 2: The second floor of this tower contains the sleeping quarters of the Wizard's two apprentices. These apprentices work long days helping the Wizard carry out his experiments and learning advanced magic from her. Evidence of many small experiments can be found in this room, including the remains of a half-charred rat as well as supporting documents explaining what the apprentice was attempting to accomplish. One apprentice will be in this room at any given time, sleeping or experimenting. If killed, the apprentice will yield 1d6 gp and 3d6 sp on their person. When thoroughly searched, this room will contain a sum of coins spread around the room equal to 6 gp, 10 sp, and 31 cp.

Room 3: The Wizard's chamber and laboratory. Contained within this room is the Wizard herself, as well as one of her apprentices. The Wizard may be carrying an experiment, sitting down to eat, or sleeping when the adventurers enter her chamber. The Wizard carries on her person 4d6+4 gp, 32 sp, and 50 cp, as well as a Bag of Holding. The Wizard may be a friend of the party or may prove an enemy, this is up to the DM and how they wish to utilize this module. As a friend, the Wizard will gladly cast Identify up to twice a day at the low cost of 5 gp per item. As well, she will allow the use of her resident Forgemaster downstairs, who can swiftly repair or resize any weapon or piece of armor for a nominal fee (1/4 base value of the item). As an enemy, this 7th level magic user can be a real threat to any party of young heroes.

Room 4: The roof of the Wizard's Tower offers impressive views of the surrounding area. If thoroughly searched, adventurers may find a scrap of parchment with a love poem addressed to the Wizard written on it, this paper was not signed by whoever wrote, nor was it delivered to the Wizard.

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