Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Banking in Makara

Everybody uses the Royal Bank of Makara to secure their funds and change their money. With branches in every town and countless villages, it is by far the largest bank in the country, even making it's presence known worldwide.

The Royal Bank offers a few different ways to store your wealth and get something back from it.

The first is that any money you deposit into an account will be used to fund dungeon delves and other profitable endeavours that will bring dividends back to BoM. All accounts receive a flat 1% guaranteed yearly return on investment.

The next is government Trust Certificates. Essentially, this is investing in the Royalty itself. This money goes directly to the Prince who uses it to fund many worthwhile acts. TCs receive a 1.5% yearly RoI for periods of 5, 10, or 30 years. You cannot request your money back before the end of the period.

In addition to these safe and insured savings methods, BoM also offers more aggressive, and dangerous, investment methods such as Plunder Funds: An investment in a number of dungeon delves with a 4% average RoI, but with some risk.

As well, Direct Plunder Investments allow people to purchase their own shares of dungeon delves. This method is reserved for those with lots of capital to start with.

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