Saturday, March 2, 2019

On Golems

Golems are dangerous creatures. One or two of them can easily turn the tide of battle at an important moment. They are known to guard ancient crypts or even Chaotic cultist strongholds.

The creation of a Golem is no simple task. To create a Golem, one must either be an expert in all things magical. Willing to drain themselves of power for weeks afterward, and willing to risk their own lives in the creation of the beast.

Alternatively, darker minded souls can much more easily create a Golem. All they must do is make a sufficient sacrifice to their chosen Chaos or, rarely, Neutral God. The problem with creating a Golem through sacrifice is that it is not only the one who bound the soul to the Golem who will have control over the beast. The god to whom the sacrifice was made will also be able to exert their control over the creature.

The first Golem was created through the murder of Jolm son of Jalidar, the chief God of Law, by Ravik, the chief God of Chaos. He was tricked into believing he could attain peace between the two factions of Gods and was instead ambushed and butchered. His soul trapped within the beast Golarathon, where it still remains now, hidden from the world and still serving Ravik's will. But Jolm's soul still resists, and he awaits his release from the eternal prison where he is yet held.

Many Paladins of Jalidar make it their quest to find the tortured God and free him.

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