Sunday, March 10, 2019

Transportation in Makara

In a country as reliant on trade and commerce as Makara, roadways and adequate forms transportation is a necessity. This is why so many of the long roads across the country are paved. The main highway of Makara leads from the border with the Wood Elves in the Southwest to the Settled Lands in the North, and likely sees millions of travelers per years across the breadth and width of the long road.

The most common sight along the roads is the Road Vigils, Makara's own branch of law enforcement dedicated to patrolling and guarding the long stretches of highway and defending against the ever-present scourge of banditry which plagues any wealthy nation. Following them, the average traveler, whether wealthy or poor, on foot or horseback, are a common sight traveling for business or for pleasure to and fro the many destinations Makara has to offer.

Next are the freight and passenger wagons that, as their names would suggest, carry people and commerce across the realm. Horses are rarer this far south than they are in the Settled Lands, and are therefore more expensive. Causing wagons to operate by mule or oxen, instead. Many poorer merchants ply their trade with only a single mule to their name, thus the common moniker of "One Mule Business" often being used to denote a poorer businessman.

Art by David Lewis Johnson

Next to horses Elk are an even rarer sight. The species is closely guarded by the Wood Elves and it is rare to see any other race riding them, lest they be well respected by the Elves. An Elk can easily cost a wealthy merchant his whole fortune just to obtain one.

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