Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Dungeons of Makara

They have. for some time now, served as a major source of income for the city. Makara is not the first settlement to inhabit this area. In fact, countless times over the millennia peoples have tried to tame this land, yet the Makarans seem to be the first to accomplish the feat, so far...

When a dungeon, or similar valuable location, is discovered the Adventuring Guilds of Makara will make a claim with the Prince for ownership of the Dungeon. Whoever owns the dungeon is then expected to hire adventurers to go out and clear the delve of any dangers. After this is done, the Guild then sends representatives, accompanied by Government officials, to retrieve the plunder and divide it up fairly among all invested parties.

Whatever loot can be retrieved by the adventuring party, up to 500gp in value per level per character, is there's to keep. Typically, the agreement between the Guild and the Adventurers will limit this number and instead offer the heroes a portion of the loot instead.

This is a list to provide a small number of dungeon seeds, their guild owners, and their difficulty levels. These dungeons may or may not be made into modules for the Emberfell Campaign Setting.

Summerhome Ruins
These ruins were once the beautiful, immaculate palatial retreats to Emperors of a fallen, forgotten Empire. Their ruins still contain massive amounts of wealth and many dangers. There are multiple underground levels to this complex, as well as multiple above-ground levels. Within this dungeon are many foes that would threaten a low-level party's life.

Threat level: Medium
Ownership: Makaran Ventures
Expected Treasure level: Medium

Caverns of Carnage
These caves are a massive, sprawling, undergound complex containing many, many foes that would endanger parties of all levels. The first few entrance way caves can be explored by relatively low leveled adventurers, but the level of difficulty quickly rises to untenable levels where only the best and most prepared explorers would have a chance to clear them. It is for this reason that many parties and Guilds have attempted to clear and loot these caverns but they have never been fully explored.

Threat level: High
Ownership: Makaran Ventures
Expected Treasure level: High

Hobb's End
The Village of Hobb's End was a peaceful settlement, inhabited by simple farmers who made a living selling their produce to the larger settlements of the Principality of Makara. Many of these peaceful farmers were themselves retired soldiers and adventurers who wanted to put those days behind them. Sadly, this was not to be, as foul necromantic magics found their way into this calm, quiet, settlement. The dead rose and quickly infected those around them. The people were competent enough to hold off the undead long enough to erect a makeshift wall which they have been adding to ever since. A small contingent of these warriors and their families hold the dead at bay still, having yet to receive aid from Government forces due to the claim by Guilds that wish to make a profit off the suffering of the inhabitants.

Threat level: Medium
Ownership: The Last Chancers/The Dark Spears
Expected Treasure level: Low

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